Vakko X The Hall
The Hall works with Turkey’s century old fashion brand Vakko on home textile products. Home textile products are very important for the process of interior design. Vakko’s quality joins with The Hall’s perception of new-generation luxury.

Perfect Patterns


Perfect patterns and deep tones to bring furnishings to life. 

We use Vakko in a lot of our projects, they bring a touch of elegance.

To any room, any space and any furnishing. 


Vakko was established in 1938 to produce scarves of the latest fashion using only the best Turkish silks. In doing so, Vakko cements its goal of “producing for those who wants the best”.


  • Classic
  • Timeless
  • Original

After a while with the slogan of “Fashion is Vakko” Vakko became a leader in it’s field. Vakko started to revolutionize the retail sector in Turkey.

Vakko X The Hall

Vakko Home which is carrying the brand’s legacy, is the irreplaceable address for decoration addicts and those live for design.

 Vakko fabrics are stylized in Turkish and Ottoman motifs and colors, as well upholstery and drapery fabrics to fit modern,minimalist interiors. Elegant designs for the stronger styles of modern city people. Guaranteed trendy colours and patterns with romantic and charming designs.   

Here are some pointers in Interior from Vakko.


One of the most peaceful areas of your home, the bedroom decoration, which gives the touch of elegant and impressive Vakko bed group products, Vakko’s new season bedroom decoration collections are offered. Elegant and elegant designs of bedding group products reveal the strong style of modern city people, Inspired by the trendy colors and patterns of the new season, the selection of bedroom decorations consists of romantic and charming designs.

Home Decoration

The decoration of your house is almost like a signature of your character. Each object you add carries traces of your view of you and of life. You can also make magic touches to your living spaces by designing your home according to your taste and comfort. You can enrich your home with Vakko’s exclusive and stylish home decoration products. You can create small but effective differences in your living spaces with unique design home decoration products in Vakko. Vakko features candlestick designs with impressive forms, velvet corner cushions that offer a soft feel and many home decoration products to suit every taste and need, such as life-inspired fabric models.

Stylish Touch

The only point to pay attention to to create your dream home concept and style is the right place and the right product matching. From Vakko home decoration varieties, you can make the decoration of your dreams a reality by finding the product that best suits your taste and style. Vakko’s new season decoration products in striking forms of candlesticks and candlesticks are prominent. Stylish candelabra models designed from bright nickel materials, enrich your modern decoration concept and add sparkle to your home. Colorful and scented candles bring a minimal and romantic touch to your home. Showy glazed lantern candle holder while the designs will change the mood of your home offers reflections.

Chic Oddities

Odd varieties with unique notes that make your home ambience chic are among the most popular decorative products of the new season. Corner pillow models, which add an elegant air to your seats, are offered to your liking in different colors, patterns and textures. You can create fascinating differences in your home with the splendid decorative fabrics found in the hands of Vakko’s creative designers. In Vakko, which is the most accurate address for exclusive and high quality home design, it is possible to access stylish home decoration products. You can complete all the decorative designs of your home with Vakko line by browsing home textile and christofle products.