Richard Orlinski X The Hall
TheHall also continues to use Richard Orlinski's artworks in its various interior design projects.

Award Winning

His works are exhibited both at FIAC on the slopes of Courchevel and in 90 galleries worldwide. Since 2011, he has been ranked in the Top 10 of the best selling French artists in the world by Art Price; one of his works was awarded €680,000.


Richard Orlinski is a French artist who was born in Paris in 1966. In 2004 he started to make sculptures and has always been surrounded of a team of highly skilled technicians.

His artworks, designed with the concept “Born Wild” reflect the main values in a contemporary style, which never yields to the trash, the extravagance or the ephemeral.


Richard Orlinski

He was the second best-selling contemporary French artist in the world (cf Art Price April 2011) and two of his artworks are among the 10 highest auctions.