Luisa Peixo X The Hall
LUISA PEIXO AND THEHALL creates flawless decoration solutions by reflecting TheHall’s perfectionism philosophy to its furniture collection for home, office or other usages. Imaginations that come out of designer Luisa Peixoto’s pen come to reality with TheHall’s perfect handcraft.

Ties of Affection

Ties of affection embrace the organic objects outline and its pure lines.

Luísa Peixoto merges, in exact measure and proportion, perfect ingredients that reveal her passionate nature. The colour selection of her collections is insightful, the choice of materials reveals a deep knowledge and the objects execution reflects the integrity and the respect for the handiwork tradition.

Each piece has two fingerprints, one belonging to the brand, the other that is defined by the imagination of those who acquire it. In the grammar of Luísa Peixoto Design collections, verbs like feel and live conjugate infinitely. During 20 years, the brand emphasized the purity of the forms of each piece and in its aesthetic concepts, underlining as essential attributes both craftsmanship and emotional relationship with the product.

Ties of affection embrance the organic objects outline and its pure lines.


Luisa Peixoto

The face and name behind the brand.