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The Hall perpetuates its mission of spreading the culture of beauty around the world and sets up office in London. The Hall London is an exclusive solutions provider that has strong working relationships with a global supplier base, a number of artists, galleries, and antique dealers.

Leading the talented team is Feray Takmak, whose design signature is characterised by inspirational designs and the harmonious use of materials and colours. Her interplay of shapes and the variety of colours, allows each room to encompass a sense of preciousness. The Hall’s multi-disciplinary team, which is composed of interior designers, industrial designers and furniture and product designers work with this vision and combines this extraordinary design philosophy with perfectionism in production.

Feray Takmak

I love combining old and new elements within my styling and sophistication is just as important as practicality.

I am based in a High end design studio, in Surrey. Where I am able to design Luxury residential projects  in UK and globally. Inspired design, flawless and limited handcraft production, a perfectionism on detail.

Meet with TheHall’s different perception on design that combines the great ideas with global design gusto.