Luisa Peixoto and The Hall create flawless decoration solutions by reflecting The Hall’s perfectionism philosophy to its furniture collection for home, office or other usages. Imaginations that come out of designerLuisa Peixoto’s pen come to reality with The Hall’s perfect handcraft.


Inspiring designs in private design order, flawless and limited handcraft production, perfectionism on details… Meet with The Hall’s different perception on design that combines the good ideas with global design gusto.


The Hall works with Turkey’s a century old fashion brand Vakkoon home textile products. Home textile products are very important for the process of interior design. Vakko’s quality joins with The Hall’s perception of new-generation luxury.

Our Story

Who we are

The Hall perpetuates its mission of spreading the culture of beauty around the world and sets up office in London.

The Hall London is an exclusive solutions provider that has strong working relationships with a global supplier base, a number of artists, galleries, and antique dealers.

Leading the talented team is Feray Takmak, whose design signature is characterised by inspirational designs and the harmonious use of materials and colours. Her interplay of shapes and the variety of colours, allows each room to encompass a sense of preciousness. The Hall’s multi-disciplinary team, which is composed of interior designers, industrial designers and furniture and product designers work with this vision and combines this extraordinary design philosophy with perfectionism in production.

Critical Thinking

Concept & Space.

Your space is very important to us.  We aim to create an inviting and personal environment, using shapes, a variety of colours allowing each room to encompass a sense of preciousness.   

We Make

Perfection .

Clean and comfortable lines, a perfect balance of sophistication and practicality.

Testimonial .

  • I would highly recommend The Hall Interiors. Feray’s work ethic and eye for detail is wonderful and inspirational. I found Feray super helpful and felt very supported as she went out of her way to offer a super efficient and unique service. The wonderful pieces Feray found or had handmade for us, looked as beautiful in our Surrey home as they do in our London flat.
    Thanks Feray! X

    Bec Eyre

Perfect Design

Care and thought is taken before any project, to help achieve the perfect atmosphere. 

Carefully Planned

Beautiful prints and luxurious furniture are sourced from the best.

Smartly Execute

The room then comes together with final touches. 


Deep tones of blue, print accents and natural light create the perfect setting for relaxation. The bedrooms of this estate boasts luxurious textiles and furniture.  Moving into the living quarters the decor changes to cream base tones with pops of vibrant colours and artwork on the walls. Oranges and deep purples are throughout creating a theme within the rest of the home.  A Terry O’neil print is on the wall next to a hurricane glass vase with beautiful blue hydrangeas on top of a marble chest of drawers and a worn oak jewellery box.